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This Smart Home Security Device Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

“Alexa, unlock the front door.” “Hey Google, lock the back door.”

You may think that controlling the locks on your doors with your voice is just a fantasy, but we’re excited to tell you that they are very much a reality.

How Does Alexa Control Smart Home Security Devices?

What do you need to make Alexa or Google Assistant work with your smart home lock? It’s as simple as having an existing Wi-Fi connection and the ShepLink Wi-Fi Bridge. This allows your Shepherd Lock device to communicate with your smart home assistant so that you can control it through the appropriate apps or with your voice.


It’s that easy!

Speaking of easy, did you know Shepherd Lock installs on your door in under 5 minutes? It’s true – learn more!


A Smart Home Security Device Alexa Can Control

Now you know that Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible with Shepherd Lock.


But what other smart features does Shepherd Lock have?


Access Management

Using your smartphone to control your home’s safety has never been easier. Using the Shepherd Lock app, you can instantly share keys with friends or family to allow them access to your home. If you have home workers like a dog walker, cleaner, or contractor, you can schedule access to begin on a certain day and time. Then, use the app to revoke access at the exact moment you want to.


AI-Enhanced Security

Shepherd Lock doesn’t replace your deadbolt, it enhances it.


One of these enhancements lies in the AI-Enhanced tamper detection. Shepherd Lock is smart enough to tell when someone is using the lock abnormally. If it detects tampering, it sounds a burglar alarm from the lock and notifies you on your smart phone. If the abnormal behavior (e.g. lock picking) continues, then Shepherd Lock instantly freezes in place to ensure that no one can enter without permission.


Door & Lock Status

Without the need for additional sensor or modules, you can use the Shepherd Lock app to know if your door is open. As if that’s not enough, you can also check whether the door is unlocked. Then, lock it!


Alexa, buy me a Shepherd Lock!