Lock Monitoring with Shepherd Lock


Many homeowners and property managers go to great lengths to secure their property. From installing expensive security systems to elaborate alarms, cameras, and more, security remains an important part of a happy home.


On Shepherd Lock’s mobile app you can further monitor and control the security of the entry points to your home or property. Features such as Live lock status reports, remote lock/unlock, battery life, Intelligent Door Status, and others give you the ultimate in modern lock monitoring.



Live Status Reports on each Shepherd Lock module reveal to the homeowner which of their Shepherd Locks are unlocked or locked. If there is ever a doubt on the status of one of the home’s deadbolts, our Live report allows the homeowner to see the status and take action if need be.


Remote Lock/Unlock allows the primary user to activate the deadbolt at any time. If someone stops by unexpectedly while you are out you can unlock the door for them from your app. If you are inside the home and don’t want to get up to unlock the door for someone or lock the door for the night, you can simply perform that command on the app and the deadbolt will respond.


Battery Life is a popular topic with smart locks. With Shepherd Lock you will always know the exact amount of battery life you have left. You can set specific notification times when the battery life is low to remind you to change the battery, or allow the module to communicate that to you at its preset times.


Intelligent Door Status™ gives you direct knowledge of the status of your door. If your door did not latch closed but the deadbolt was extended, our app will let you know. If the deadbolt is showing locked but the door is not closed, your home is at risk. Our Intelligent Door Status gives you the power of knowing whether your door is ajar or closed at any time.