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Security Baron

“The lock turns existing single-cylinder deadbolt hardware into a touch sensor. Locking and unlocking the door with touch alone will work if the user has either a key fob or a smartphone key and is in the ‘Intelligent Authentication Zone’, an area within five feet of the door frame.”


Trend Hunter

“The Shepherd Lock entry system is a home security solution that will transform capabilities at the front door and keep out unauthorized parties without restricting access for inhabitants.”

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POC Network

It uses your original deadbolt which is nice. Anyone approaching the door wouldn’t have the slightest clue that it is anything special. It instead replaces the back-end of the lock (inside your home) where you would normally have a basic latch.”



“Shepherd identifies threats and notifies you while disabling the deadbolt. You will be able to check the status of your door on your smartphone from anywhere.”


Security Informed

“Similar to automotive keyless entry systems, the Shepherd Lock will only unlock if the user has a keyfob or smartphone key within the Intelligent Authentication Zone™.”


App My Home

“Shepherd Lock can be added to any deadbolt to enable touch-to-open. Plus it’s really fast and quiet. It even has a tamper proof feature that will prevent the lock from operating if someone attempts to pick it.”


Geeky Gadgets

“This means that you can now unlock your door with a simple touch, all thanks to automotive grade touch™ technology. Don’t worry — your existing door hardware will be maintained AND your existing keys still work even with the Shepherd Lock installed.”