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Upgrade the security of your home.

Bringing the convenience of Shepherd Lock’s touch lock/touch unlock with the added security of 24/7 door lock monitoring and instant lock tampering alerts – all from one device. Attach Shepherd to the inside of your door to instantly transform your existing deadbolt into an active security device. Gone are the days of forgetting or losing your keys, or making duplicate keys to share with family or household services. With Shepherd, you control and monitor the security and access of your door.

Home Security & Monitoring

Shepherd Lock is a home security product that monitors your door to prevent unauthorized access.

Detect Break Ins and Alert Owner

If a forced entry attempt is made upon the door, Shepherd will sound an alarm in an attempt to deter the intruder.

Freeze Lock in Response to Tampering Events

If a lock tampering event occurs and persists (such as lock picking or key bumping) Shepherd will sound an alarm, freeze the deadbolt in a locked position and notify the homeowner via the mobile app. The homeowner can keep the lock frozen, cancel the alert, or turn off this feature during certain times of the day/night.

Easy Operation

Our patented touch lock and touch unlock technology allows unprecedented ease of entry.

Touch to Operate from Outside

Shepherd works with your existing deadbolt and turns it into a touch activated lock, allowing you to touch the deadbolt and enter your home. The touch of authorized users triggers the deadbolt to lock or unlock, keeping your hands free to carry the things that matter: groceries, briefcase, handbag, and your toddler.

Touch to Operate from Inside

Shepherd allows users to touch from the inside of the door to lock/unlock their deadbolt. Mounted where the manual thumb-turn would go, the Shepherd module responds to touch, no virtual key required from the inside. Located within the module is a manual thumb-turn backup. Shepherd’s elegant finish and sleek lines speaks of sophistication and functionality.


Shepherd does not require fingerprints. A Bluetooth signal is sent from the lock module, locating the virtual key outside the door on your smart device. Users only need to be authorized when entering the home. Just as the manual thumb turn on the inside of the door allows anyone to turn it to lock/unlock, our touch feature on the inside of the door allows anyone to touch to lock/unlock, no authentication required.


Stay connected to the activity of your door.

Access History

Instantly track the who, when, what of your door: who has activated the lock, when they arrived/departed, and which Shepherd Lock was used. Access history is customizable to the level of detail you prefer.

Share Access

Grant and revoke virtual electronic keys, control when each key is active and for how long. You decide who is allowed in your secured space and if you want to be notified when the lock is activated and by whom.

Door Position

Shepherd Lock has built in sensors so you can check the position of your door – open, closed, or in between. Ever wonder if your babysitter or child closed the door completely behind them? Check the status of your door anytime.

Remote Lock

Remote Lock/Unlock allows you to remotely control your Shepherd, no matter where you are. From Shepherd’s mobile app you can see the current status of your door and touch the lock or unlock icon on the screen, triggering your Shepherd deadbolt to respond.

ShepLink Wi-Fi Bridge

Shepherd Lock communicates with smart phones via Bluetooth, searching for authentication in a virtual key. Other features such as remote lock/unlock require the ShepLink Wi-Fi Bridge.

Easily connect to your Smart Home system.

Shepherd Lock connects to the systems you value. From Alexa to your larger security system, Shepherd Lock stays in the loop of your home’s unique smart home needs.

Installation and Compatibility

Shepherd Lock is a retrofit device that mounts easily to the inside of your door, where your thumb-turn currently is. Installation is as simple as removing the thumb-turn and putting Shepherd in its place, using the same two screws already holding your thumb-turn in place. Shepherd Lock is compatible with any single cylinder deadbolt.

Technical specifications

Shepherd Lock Specs

IOS or Android Smart Phone
Free Mobile App download for iOS or Android
Single-Cylinder Deadbolt Lock 
What’s Needed:
Screw Driver
4 AA Alkaline Batteries

What's Included:
Shepherd Lock Module (mounting bracket, 2 screws, module, lock adapter, module cover)
ShepLink WiFi Bridge
Limited Warranty 1 year