Surprisingly, some smart locks are easy to install and use.

When choosing a smart lock, many people look at the convenience the lock will bring to their lives, or the added security, or their ability to monitor their door to see if it is open or closed, locked or unlocked. These features draw them in, they buy the product, bring it home, and then face the daunting challenge of installing their new smart lock in one setting, so that their home is not left vulnerable with their old lock taken off and the new one not quite installed fully. 

Sound familiar? If you’ve ever bought a product designed to make your home more secure, you know how it feels to be part way through installation and get called away to another task. 

In the case of a smart lock, many times the difficulty lies in changing both the interior part of your traditional deadbolt lockset and the exterior part – double the pieces to keep track of and assemble. When we designed Shepherd Lock, we thought of all the ways we could pack customer preferences into one unit that not only keeps your home secure, but checks all the boxes under ‘convenience’ as well, including installation.

This focus makes Shepherd Lock an easy to use smart lock and an easy to install smart lock. Want to see for yourself how easy it is to install? Take a look at our installation YouTube video to see a real installation.

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