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TOUCH ENTRY, SECURITY MONITORING, CONNECTED FEATURES Shepherd Lock has won the prestigious CES 2021 Innovation Award in Smart Home category for the second year in a row.
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Shepherd Lock TeamMar 05, 2021

Surprisingly, some smart locks are easy to install and use.

When choosing a smart lock, many people look at the convenience the lock will bring to their lives, or the...
Shepherd Lock TeamMar 01, 2021

Smart locks are cool, but what about safety?

Are smart locks safe, I mean actually safe? That is a top question for many first-time smart lock buyers. And...
Shepherd Lock TeamFeb 22, 2021

Best Smart Lock Technology of 2021

Times are changing, but some things remain the same.    2021 so far has taught us that mittens can go...
Shepherd Lock TeamNov 01, 2020

Offer Easy Self Check-in & More - Smart Lock for Airbnb Hosting

Owning and operating an Airbnb rental side-gig is a lot to manage all by yourself.   You have other things...
Shepherd Lock TeamNov 01, 2020

Make Your Door Smart Like Magic - New Smart Home Device

Let’s be honest, you want to impress your friends (and play around) with the cool newest smart home gadgets. But...
Shepherd Lock TeamNov 01, 2020

Why Shepherd Lock is the Best Home Security Device

You want the best of the best for your home security system.   After all, why wouldn’t you want to...
Shepherd Lock TeamNov 01, 2020

How to Equip Your Doors with Secure Keyless Entry

Finally, you can throw your house key into a drawer and forget about it while not compromising on home security....
Shepherd Lock TeamOct 11, 2020

DIY Smart Home Alarm System

The do-it-yourself scene is stronger than ever. DIY projects are motivating, seem easy, and improve your life. But when it comes...
Shepherd Lock TeamOct 11, 2020

What is a Bluetooth Lock?

You've heard of Bluetooth for your phone, speakers, and other devices. But did you know that there are Bluetooth smart...
Shepherd Lock TeamOct 09, 2020

Airbnb Automation: More Than Just Self Check-in Locks

Starting an Airbnb home rental business sounds like it should be easy cash flow with barely any effort....
Shepherd Lock TeamOct 09, 2020

Realtors: Looking for a better way to access properties? Check out this Lockbox Alternative

Lockboxes have been the real estate agent go-to product for accessing properties for a long time. But is...
Shepherd Lock TeamOct 09, 2020

Boost Home Safety for Senior Citizens and Aging Parents with a Smart Lock

How to best support aging parents is an ongoing conversation for many adult children. Do you have your...