Why Shepherd Lock is the Best Home Security Device

You want the best of the best for your home security system.


After all, why wouldn’t you want to invest in the safety of your loved ones? And the safety of your valuable, hard-earned, and sentimental items?


Shepherd Lock is the best home security device. Of course, we’ll admit we’re a bit biased, but read below about Shepherd’s amazing features and we think you’ll agree with us by the end.


Best Classic Home Security System Features

Shepherd Lock has all the classic home security features, such as:

  • Tamper detection
  • Built-in alarm


But you don’t have to pay a monthly fee or sign a contract to get these features – unlike with traditional home security systems.


Shepherd Lock has even more smart features. Read on!


Shepherd Lock also works during a power outage. Learn more.




Introducing the Best Smart Home Security System Features

These stunning smart security features are why we truly think Shepherd Lock is the best:


  • AI-enhanced tamper detection – it knows when someone is tampering with your deadbolt or trying to force their way in.
  • Deadbolt auto freeze – Shepherd Lock senses persistent lock tampering and can freeze the deadbolt in a locked position – traditional systems don’t offer this security feature.
  • Smartphone notification – be alerted on your smartphone when Shepherd Lock detects that something is up.
  • Door status – double check on the mobile app to make sure your door is closed at night or when you’re away at work.
  • Lock status – check your smartphone to know if your door is locked, then lock it if it isn’t.
  • Access history – keep track of the authorized users who have entered/exited your home and when.


Are you convinced? Shepherd Lock has the features that enable you to keep your loved ones and home safe from intruders.


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