This Security Systems Shines When the Power is Out

Power outages happen sometimes, and we don’t really get a warning in order to prepare. You have a lot of things to worry about in an instant:

  • Will the food in your fridge go bad?
  • How will you navigate around your house when it gets dark?
  • Will it get too hot/too cold before the power is back on?
  • Will you have a steady supply of water?

The last thing you should have to worry about is whether your home is safe from break-ins. But most security systems and cameras stop working during a power outage.

Don’t worry! When the power goes out, it’s Shepherd Lock’s time to shine.

Does Your Security System Work When the Power Is Out?

Most security systems are hard-wired in your home’s electricity as a source of power. Many home security cameras are as well. This is great… when everything goes as planned. But when the power is out, suddenly these expensive security features you’ve invested in may not be able to provide the services you need.

Installing all the sensor, cameras, and everything probably took forever. Luckily, Shepherd Lock installs in under 5 minutes! Learn more.


Shepherd Lock Works as a Security System When the Power is Out

Shepherd Lock runs on 4 batteries that last a long time. But when the batteries get low, Shepherd Lock notifies you on your phone so that you can replace them as soon as possible. Replacing the batteries can take less than a minute and then Shepherd Lock is good to go as your steady security system.

Shepherd Lock has a burglar alarm built-in that sounds if it detects tampering such as lock-picking or attempted forced entry. If the unauthorized entry attempt continues, Shepherd Lock freezes locked, ensuring that no one can enter your home. 

The other systems you have in place are great, but nothing can beat the peace of mind that accompanies having a Shepherd Lock on your deadbolt.

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