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Upgrade Your Home Security System with a Smart Lock

Shepherd Lock is the all-in-one home security system that monitors your home’s safety and makes it easy to come and go with a simple touch. Never make (or hide) a spare key again. With 24/7 monitoring and instant lock-tampering alerts, it’s the easiest way to keep your home and family safe. Best of all, Shepherd Lock installs in 5 minutes or less using your door’s existing deadbolt.

Easy Operation

Simply touch Shepherd Lock and our automobile-grade technology will allow verified users to come and go with ease.

Unlock from the Outside with a Simple Touch

Shepherd turns your existing deadbolt into a touch-activated electronic lock. When your authorized smartphone or Bluetooth device is close to the lock, a simple touch to your deadbolt lock will unlock it. So you can easily get inside even if your arms are full. This outside touch feature is currently NOT supported on metal doors.

Anyone Can Operate from the Inside

Easily lock or unlock your home from the inside - no approval needed. Simply touch the sleek and elegant Shepherd Lock where the original thumbturn is located. (There’s a manual backup lock inside the mechanism as well.)

No Fingerprints Needed

We value your privacy and will never ask for a fingerprint. Shepherd Lock's home technology approves or disapproves of users based on the Bluetooth signal from their device. Give or rescind access to anyone anytime. All they need to do is download the app.

Complete Connectivity

Stay connected to your home, whether you’re on the next block or the next continent.

Full Access History

Instantly see who has activated the lock, when they arrived or departed, and which Shepherd Lock was used. Access history is customizable to the level of detail you prefer.

No Spare Key Needed

Virtually grant (or revoke) access to anyone with electronic key sharing. You decide who is allowed in your secured space and for how long. You can also be notified when the lock is activated and by whom, turning your existing door into a smart door.

Peace of Mind with Door Status

Shepherd Lock has built-in sensors, so you can check to make sure your door is securely closed. No more worrying if your child closed the door completely behind them.

Remote Lock & Unlock

Easily lock or unlock your door via the Shepherd mobile app, no matter where you are. Never again have to rush home to make sure you locked the door or ask a neighbor to let your child in after school.

Home Security & Monitoring

Shepherd Lock is a smart home security lock that monitors your front door 24/7 and prevents lock tampering with an automatic FREEZE feature and alert system.

Detects Break-Ins and Alerts Homeowner

During a break-in attempt, Shepherd Lock will sound a security alert to ward off the intruder and notify you of the threat.

Stop Intruders with Auto-Freeze Technology

If someone tries to tamper with or pick your lock, Shepherd Lock will automatically freeze the locked deadbolt and notify the homeowner via the mobile app. The homeowner can keep the lock frozen or cancel the alert. Plus, this feature can be turned on or off as desired.

ShepLink Wi-Fi Bridge

Shepherd Lock communicates with your smartphones via Bluetooth to verify your virtual key. For other features, like remote lock/unlock, we have the ShepLink Wi-Fi Bridge.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

Shepherd Lock is compatible with any single cylinder deadbolt. Just remove the existing hardware and thumb-turn and replace it with Shepherd Lock using the same two screws already in place. Installation takes less than 5 minutes.

Shepherd Lock is compatible with all standard entry doors. However, the exterior touch feature is currently NOT supported on metal doors.

Compatibility Chart

Shepherd Lock Specs:

IOS or Android Smart Phone (starting at iPhone 7 with iOS 13.0 and starting at Android 8.0)
Free Mobile App download for iOS or Android
Single-Cylinder Deadbolt Lock 
What's Needed:
Screw Driver
4 AA Alkaline Batteries
Optional Add On: ShepLink Wi-Fi Bridge
What's Included:
Shepherd Lock Module (mounting bracket, 2 screws, module, lock adapter, module cover)
Limited Warranty: 1 year


Get to Know Your Shepherd Lock:

Shepherd Lock is the only retrofit smart lock to offer touch lock/unlock with enhanced security features that allow the deadbolt to freeze locked in case of persistent lock tampering events. When you buy Shepherd Lock, you get the best smart lock in convenience, security, and damage-free installation. Shepherd Lock is compatible with non-metal doors. 

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