Warranty Statement for Shepherd Lock (Product)

  1. Hardware Warranty. Subject to the additional terms and conditions set forth below, PassiveBolt provides to the original purchase of the Product (whether a person or entity) that acquires the entity from PassiveBolt or an authorized agent or reseller, the limited warrantyset forth below. This warrantyis only for purchasers in the United States of America.
  2. Limited Warranty. PassiveBolt warrants the Product against defects in materials and workmanship, but so long as the Product has been used as-intended and under normal conditions and frequency of use, for a period of one (1) year from the purchaser’s date of the Product purchase (the “WarrantyPeriod”). If PassiveBolt is notified pursuant to the process set forth below and within the WarrantyPeriod that the Product is defective, and PassiveBolt determines in its sole discretion that the Product is defective, PassiveBolt (or its authorized third party) will either repair or replace the Product with a new Product or refund the price the purchaser paid for the Product.  Whether the purchaser will receive a new Product or a refund shall be determined by PassiveBolt in its sole discretion.  After the Warranty Period expired, there is no coverage for any Product defects under this limited warranty.
  3. Contacting PassiveBolt.  To make a claim regarding a Produce defect within the Warranty Period, the original purchaser must email PassiveBolt at info@shepherdlock.com with reasonable proof of the Product defect that would allow PassiveBolt to determine whether or not there is a defect covered by this limited warranty.  PassiveBolt may ask for additional information upon request to verify the alleged defect and the original purchaser must promptly provide such reasonably requested information. After PassiveBolt’s review, if the Product is deemed by PassiveBolt to be defective, PassiveBolt will issue the original purchaser a Refund Receipt approving either a refund or shipment of a new Product.  If the original purchaser provides the Refund Receipt to PassiveBolt, the defective Product will be shipped (with postage prepaid by the original purchaser), either its original packaging or packaging according an equal degree of protection, to the address provided by PassiveBolt. Failure to return the defective Product with a copy of the Refund Receipt within 15 days after the issuance of the Refund Receipt may result in the forfeiture of warranty coverage for the defective Product.  The replacement Product shipped, if applicable, to the original purchaser after their return of the defective Product will be warranted hereunder for a period of one (1) year from shipment.  If a refund is authorized, the original Purchaser must provide information for a refund of the Product purchase price (either an address for a check or credit card information for a credit to be applied.)

4 . Limited Scope. The warranty on the original purchaser’s Product is limited to replacement of defective Product or a refund, as detailed above. In no event does the warranty detailed above cover damage to the Product or defects resulting from acts of God, accident, or any user’s abuse, negligence, commercial use or modification of, or to any part of the Product, use of the Product other than as intended and designed by PassiveBolt, or any damage or defect caused by any third party product, service or system.  Improper use includes use of the Product in improper temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions, or use of the Product in violation of the instructions on use, maintenance, operation or installation of the Product. This warranty does not cover any software or any battery or other consumables provided with or embedded in the Product.


  1. 01.2020