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Boost Home Safety for People with Dementia with a Smart Lock

How to support aging parents is a concern for many adults these days. Do you have them move in with you? Or visit them frequently in their own home? And what are you supposed to do when they start showing signs of dementia? All of these concerns need to be balanced with what is best for your parents and with their need for independence.

We’d like to offer one solution that can help you support your aging parents from afar while they maintain their independence.

Home Safety Concerns for People with Dementia

There are various levels of severity of dementia symptoms. Many people with dementia cannot live alone. 

But for those who can, there are still many safety issues that should be addressed. Some of these include:

  • Tools around the home (kitchen appliances, tools in the garage, etc).
  • Tripping hazards
  • Taking too much medication
  • Forgetting to eat
  • Mobility issues
  • Leaving the house when confused

While Shepherd Lock can’t help with a solution to many of these issues, we can help with more thank you might think!

Learn more about Shepherd Lock’s features.


Shepherd Lock Increases Home Safety, Independence for People with Dementia

Mobility Issues

Your aging parent may have a caretaker or workers who help take care of them on a set schedule. It may not always be feasible for them to get up and unlock the door every time someone needs to get inside. Nor is it safe to give everyone a key with which they can get inside whenever they choose with no restrictions.

Shepherd Lock enables you to give access to others via their smartphones. You can instantly give or revoke access and even schedule access just for the hours that it is needed. This is the safest and most convenient option for your aging parents.


Leaving the house when confused

Another safety concern is that your parents may leave the home when they are in the middle of a confusion episode. Shepherd Lock can alert you when your parents leave the home. The app has access history so you can keep an eye on when they are coming and going and making sure it is as expected. As a bonus, you can check their home caretakers are arriving and leaving when they are supposed to.

We understand that there is no easy, one-size-fits-all solution to every problem you face with an aging parent with dementia. We are here to help you support their independence for as long as safely possible.

Invest in their safety today – Buy Shepherd Lock