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TOUCH ENTRY, SECURITY MONITORING, CONNECTED FEATURES Shepherd Lock products are on backorder. Estimated delivery is November. Thank you for shopping with us.
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Get Keyless Entry and More with the Shepherd Lock App

Keyless entry isn’t just for your car anymore! Thanks to innovations in the smart lock industry, keyless entry is available for your front door, your backdoor, or virtually any door with a deadbolt.

All you need to turn your current “dumb” lock into a keyless entry smart lock is the Shepherd Lock… and your phone!

Read more below to see how.

An App for Keyless Entry? Yes, It’s Real!

Shepherd Lock will work with practically any single cylinder deadbolt and installs in less than 5 minutes. After installation, set up the Shepherd Lock app.


Through the app, you control which users have authorization to unlock your door, including yourself. Anyone with authorization can approach your door which now has an Intelligent Authentication ZoneTM. Authenticated users simply touch the deadbolt to unlock the door and enter with ease.

Learn more about how Shepherd Lock works.

How to Use the Shepherd Lock App for Keyless Entry & More

The Shepherd Lock App is compatible with both iPhone and Android. It acts as your virtual key for keyless entry, your key sharing hub, access management system, and home security self-monitoring helper.


That’s right!


With the Shepherd Lock App you can:

  • Schedule who has access and when.
  • Check whether your door is unlocked or ajar.
  • See who has accessed your house and when.
  • Get notifications when the lock detects tampering.


With the ShepLink Wi-Fi Bridge, you can even do all this remotely from the office or even when on a trip.

Ready to see this amazing keyless entry app? Buy a Shepherd Lock today!