In the Know: Shepherd Lock’s Access Management System

Shepherd Lock’s Access Management feature provides total peace of mind and control over your home security whether you exclusively use Shepherd Lock smart lock or have integrated Shepherd Lock Pro into your home security system. Whenever you have questions about who has accessed your home, how long they remained inside, or whether or not your door is locked or unlocked, you can open the mobile app to view Access History and get an answer. 

Electronic Key Management System

Some of the access management features on our smart lock mobile app include:

Permanent Keys: Permanent keys are those with no time restrictions placed upon them. For a family home, these tend to be given to primary partners, older children, or other family members who can come and go anytime. Each permanent key comes with the same sharing restrictions placed upon temporary keys: no one can share their permanent key with anyone else. Each key is unique and is connected to the user’s phone.

Temporary Keys: Temporary keys are generally shared with those who do not have long-term access to the home, or who cannot enter the home outside of certain time windows. On Shepherd Lock’s mobile app, the homeowner can decide to grant access to the temporary user on certain days of the week, choose which hours of the day the user can enter or exit, and decide if these settings for the temporary key are repeating or one time. Temporary keys are a great option for people providing in-home services (babysitters or dog walkers) or for out of town friends who do not intend to stay permanently. They’re also great for guests if you rent your home on a home-sharing website. Once the time window has expired, the key will automatically be revoked and will no longer grant the user access. This is an easy way to boost your in-home security and keep your family safe.

Remote Lock/Unlock via the Wi-Fi Bridge: Combining Shepherd Lock’s mobile app with the Wi-Fi Bridge allows homeowners to monitor and control in-app features from anywhere in the world. If the homeowner is traveling and sees that one of the doors with the Shepherd Lock module installed is unlocked, the homeowner can remotely lock it with a simple action in the mobile app. Additionally, if the homeowner is away from the home and a temporary key needs to be modified or revoked, they are able to easily do this within the mobile app. The same is true for modifying permanent keys. These features are essential to overall home security.


Smart Home Security System

Intelligent Door Status™: If you ever have that gut-punch feeling of coming home and realizing that your door is not latched closed, then you know how stressful ‘not knowing’ can be. It happens. People leave in a hurry and don’t always double check that the door is all the way closed, or young adults who let themsevles in the house after school may not always be as aware of closing the door all the way behind them. You can put your mind at ease and check the open/closed status of your door on Shepherd Lock’s mobile app. This feature is called Intelligent Door Statusand it gives the homeowner instant knowledge of the security of their home. And there is no price tag on peace of mind.

Stop Lock Picking Attempts with Auto Freeze: Smart locks come with varying amounts of security features. Shepherd Lock offers a unique ability for the smart lock module to recognize when the deadbolt lock is being used through a normal touch-to-enter or keyed entry scenario or if a lock picking attempt is being made. If a lock picking attempt is detected, an alarm will sound from the module to warn the intruder their presence is known and the homeowner will receive a notification through the mobile app. If lock picking persists the deadbolt will auto freeze itself in a locked position, making it impossible for a would-be thief to get into your home. 

Virtual Lock Monitoring: Some homes will use one Shepherd Lock smart lock. Other homes and commercial buildings will use multiple Shepherd Locks. Regardless of the number of locks you have, each one can be virtually monitored through the mobile app. The homeowner can manage multiple Shepherd Locks smart locks from the same app, whether those locks are on one property or multiple properties. Each lock comes equipped with its own identity on the mobile app so the activity, users, temporary and permanent keys, and other notifications are all displayed for easy monitoring. 

Shepherd Lock’s mobile app expertly provides you with important features that can make the difference between having secure entry to your home and putting your home and loved ones at risk.

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