Safe Bluetooth Entry with Shepherd Smart Lock

How does a smart lock know when you’re approaching, and how do they know when to unlock? 


Shepherd Lock Use Bluetooth to Unlock Your Door

Shepherd Lock measures user intent with a two factor authentication. Shepherd Lock’s module attaches only to the inside of the door (not interfering with existing exterior hardware). Our technology connects the module inside the door to the user’s smartphone or key fob outside the door. The module is able to determine whether or not the user is standing within our Intelligent Authentication Zone outside the door and if they are a validated user with an active virtual key. If so, the smart lock will activate and prepare to unlock. However, and this is very important, the lock will not open until the validated user physically touches the lock’s hardware. No fingerprints, just a touch to indicate intent. This removes the possibility for accidental unlock.

Even if the user is standing just inside the door with their phone or key fob in hand, the lock will not respond to touch to the outside hardware. The user must be within the intelligent authentication zone located outside the door in order to be verified to interact with the deadbolt.

This carefully mapped out zone prevents accidental unlocking from the outside and offers you the best in home security.

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Self-Monitor Whether Your Door is Secure

In addition to the intelligent Authentication Zone, Shepherd Lock provides you with Intelligent Door Status™. This gives you direct knowledge of the status of your door at any given time. If your door did not latch closed, but swung open after you exited, the deadbolt may be extended and the door technically ‘locked’ but your home is at risk with an ajar door. No more worrying, our app will let you know that while your deadbolt may be extended in a locked position, your door is ajar. Our Intelligent Door Status gives you the power of knowing whether your door is ajar or closed at any time. If your door is closed but not latched, the deadbolt will not continually drive itself into your door frame, running down your batteries. An alert sound will come from the module and you will receive notifications on your smart devices to let you know that your door is not closed all the way.

Together, the Intelligent Authentication Zone and Intelligent Door Status give you total control and peace of mind, so you can know your home is secure, whether you’re getting ready for bed at home or waking up on your vacation across the country or halfway around the world.


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