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You don’t have to be particularly tech-savvy to know that technology has fundamentally and dramatically changed the way we live. Apps rule our lives, from ordering food, planning trips, and even getting from point A to point B. We even have smart refrigerators to make grocery shopping more streamlined. In short, we have high expectations for convenience because there’s no reason to expect less. And now that we’ve perfected cloud-based technology, it’s time to start considering how this tech can make our lives safer and more straightforward

Let’s use the example of a smart lock on a car. We can unlock our cars from inside the house if our kid needs something outside. We can use the smart lock to find our car in a crowded parking lot. The hands-free utility of a smart lock makes it easy to pop open the trunk when our arms are loaded down with groceries. And if you can just touch your door to get into the car? Gamechanger. No more fumbling for lost keys or digging through your purse in the dark.

We know that the same is true of your home security system.


What is a Smart Door Lock

At Shepherd Lock, we use industry-leading technology to create smart locks that level up your home security system. We want you to be able to sleep well at night and have control over who’s coming and going from your home.

Shepherd Lock is a touch-enabled smart lock that completely changes your home’s security system. Come and go from your home with a simple touch (you manage who can come and go from your smartphone). If someone tries to pick the deadbolt lock on your door in the middle of the night, the deadbolt freezes locked, making it impossible to break in. Plus, Shepherd Lock eliminates the need for physical keys - so you’ll never have to leave a key under your mat again.

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How to Install a Smart Door Lock

Shepherd Lock easily integrates with your existing door hardware. If you have a standard deadbolt lock, Shepherd Lock can easily be installed in its existing location. The exterior lock hardware on your door remains the same. To activate the smart lock, all that needs to change is the thumbturn piece on the interior of the door. Once the thumbturn is removed and replaced with the Shepherd Lock unit, the deadbolt has become a smart lock with touch-enabled technology. The average install time is just 5 minutes.


Want to boost your home’s safety and security with a simple touch? Buy Shepherd Lock.

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