Our 7 Favorite Smart Lock Features

Shepherd Lock's ability to boost your home’s security and help you seamlessly manage access to your home are two fundamental benefits, but there are some features that we can’t stop raving about.  Here are our 7 favorite Shepherd Lock features.

This is a Very “Smart” Lock

Automotive Grade Touch Technology: Shepherd Lock’s touch technology is designed to work in inclement weather, extreme temperatures, and rain, just like the touch sensors on your car doors. That means you’ll never be stuck in the rain attempting over and over to get into your house.


Access Management: Shepherd Lock lets you remotely monitor who has accessed your home, how long they remained inside, and whether or not your door is locked or unlocked. These and other features are part of our access management tool, giving you the power of knowing who is coming and going from your home, and the power to take action, even if you are not near your home. It also allows you to give or revoke access at any time to any user. It’s the ultimate home security feature. 


ShepLink: The Wi-Fi bridge connects your Shepherd Lock module to your home’s wireless internet. The Wi-Fi bridge allows you to access and control the lock from your smartphone no matter where you are or how far you are from your Shepherd Lock.


Easy Install: Shepherd Lock does away with the need to change an entire lockset or have any hardwiring or other changes made to the home. Our smart lock module goes only on the inside of the home, requiring that the user simply swap out the thumb turn for our module in order for the deadbolt lock to be turned into a smart lock. Installation is simple and takes about 5 minutes.

Impressed? Watch This Video To See How Fast & Easy It Is to Install

This Smart Door Lock is Secure

AI Enhanced Security: Our module is smart. Shepherd Lock knows when someone is interacting with your deadbolt in a normal way and when someone is trying to pick the lock to get into your home without permission. Artificial intelligence allows for the module to Detect and Thwart lock picking attempts, notifying the owner via the mobile app if there is a lock picking attempt. The module can also freeze itself in a locked position during prolonged lock picking attempts, making further lock picking attempts futile, so your family and home will be safe and secure. 


Intelligent Authentication Zone: Our technology is able to determine whether or not the user is standing within our Intelligent Authentication Zone outside the door and if they are a validated user with an active virtual key. If so, the module will respond when the user touches the lock’s hardware. This Intelligent Authentication Zone is the only place that you can access your smart lock from the outside. The touch-technology means you can’t accidentally trigger the lock to open when you don’t want it to.


Intelligent Door Status™: This smart feature gives you direct knowledge of the status of your door no matter where you are. If your door did not latch closed, but the deadbolt was extended, our app will let you know. If the deadbolt is showing locked, but the door is not closed, we’ll notify you. Our Intelligent Door Status gives you the power of knowing whether your door is ajar or closed at any time so you can keep your home secure and safe 24/7.


Buy a Shepherd Lock and make these features work for you.


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