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How to choose a smart door lock with the right technology.

Remember when the first facial recognition iPhone came out, or when Tesla unveiled its latest model? We’re always watching the trends and innovations in technology. If you are anything like us, you want to be in the know the instant something new and cutting edge is produced, dreamed up, or even speculated about.


We took our enthusiasm for new technology to a whole different level when we created the Shepherd Lock. The retrofit of the Shepherd Lock allows it to fit snugly on the inside of the door, working with the existing hardware and deadbolt. The whole thing takes about 5 minutes to install with just a screwdriver and the existing screws from the deadbolt.


But the really impressive thing about our home security system is the software.


For starters, Shepherd Lock smart lock can easily identify authorized users when they simply touch the deadbolt - without using fingerprints. If the user is authorized, the Shepherd Lock will recognize their Bluetooth signal in the authorized user’s phone and unlock the deadbolt. A highly specific authorization range is used around the outside of the door along with capacitive touch to accurately measure user intent.


If someone approaches the door and tries to pick the lock, Shepherd Lock’s advanced AI will signal the homeowner through the mobile app that a lock picking attempt is occurring. It will sound an alarm from the module, and (if lock picking persists) will freeze the deadbolt in a locked position. This keeps the door locked and the homeowner safe.


We’re pretty impressed with the auto-freeze technology. We think it takes our smart lock to another level.


Shepherd Lock also offers lock activation tracking through the mobile app. Shepherd logs each activation of the lock, so you can see when the lock was accessed, by whom, for how long. You can also control when each virtual key is active, revoking and creating keys at any time. Using precision down to a single degree, Shepherd can also tell you if your door is open (and how far it is open), or if it is closed. You can remotely lock or unlock your door through our WiFi Bridge connection at any time - even if you’re traveling abroad.

We’re constantly working to make our technology more robust and to stay ahead of the curve in the development of smart access products. We hope you’ll click around on our site to learn more and hopefully become a member of the Shepherd Lock family.