A Brief History of the Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt locks have been around since before the 1900s. And while they’ve undergone a few slight changes, they have largely remained the same as when our grandparents used them in their homes as the original home security system.

When deadbolts were first introduced to front doors, they were lauded for their sleek style and security capabilities. Since deadbolts were just sliding metal bars on the inside of doors, they could be installed without any external evidence of their being a lock at all. In their initial stages, deadbolts forced a key entry from the outside only. This is still the most common kind of deadbolt lock, known as a single cylinder.


Are Deadbolts Safe?

The mechanics of the deadbolt lock have not changed much in the last century, giving thieves plenty of time to figure out how to pick them effectively. By manipulating the tumblers inside the deadbolt with lock picking tools, a skilled lock-picker can gain access to your home in just a few minutes. They don’t need loud drills or hammers to give away their location or intent. Unfortunately, this means most homes are easy targets for thieves and worse. And since they’re so fast and quiet, most thieves have come and gone before you have any idea that there’s been a break-in. Not much of a solution when it comes to home security.


Deadbolt vs Smart Lock

As of right now, there are no projected new iterations of the deadbolt lock to make it more secure from would-be lock pickers. However, by installing a Shepherd Lock smart lock on your door, you can protect your lock from lock picking and ensure that the traditional deadbolt on your door receives the improvement of auto-freeze technology and remote lock monitoring. With a standard deadbolt lock, there’s very little to stop thieves from rapidly breaking in undetected. With Shepherd Lock, the Detect and Thwart technology will know when someone is trying to pick your lock and immediately sound an alarm, notify you, and can even freeze the deadbolt in place to keep you secure if lock picking persists.


Unlike many smart locks and home security systems, Shepherd Lock does not require you to add a bunch of new hardware or add additional wiring to your home. You keep all the same external hardware. Just remove the internal thumb turn lever and use the same screws to install Shepherd Lock in the same place. Then plug in the Wi-Fi bridge and set up Shepherd Lock’s app. That’s it. Installation takes about 5 minutes for most people - even those who have no skill for home improvement projects.


Are you ready to bring your deadbolt lock into the 21st century? Buy Shepherd Lock.

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