Why We Love the Shepherd Lock Wi-Fi Bridge

One of the key features of the Shepherd Lock home security system is the Wi-Fi bridge. If you’ve never heard of a Wi-Fi bridge before, that’s okay. It’s not a common name. But you may already be using a wi-bridge for something in your home. Wi-Fi Bridges and connectors accomplish connecting our devices without sacrificing the sleek appeal of a wire-free home.

How the Wi-Fi Bridge Works With Our Smart Lock

The Wi-Fi bridge acts as a connection between your Shepherd Lock smart lock and your home’s internet Wi-Fi network. It allows the lock to be directly attached to your home internet and receive and transmit information that you can access on your mobile app, no matter where you are. Without employing a Wi-Fi bridge, smart products like a Shepherd Lock would be limited to accessibility in the immediate area through a Bluetooth wireless connection. The bridge basically makes your home security system a built-in piece of your home’s Wi-Fi.


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Is a Wi-Fi Bridge Needed With A Smart Lock?

Without a Wi-Fi bridge, your phone would still be able to communicate with your smart lock whenever you were in the vicinity of the home. However, you wouldn’t be able to access the lock when you were far away, like at work or on vacation. Without the Wi-Fi bridge, you wouldn’t be able to monitor in real time who has accessed your home or unlock/lock your door remotely. You also wouldn’t be able to give or rescind key access unless you were inside your home.


The reason we’re so in love with the Wi-Fi bridge is that it takes a simple piece of hardware (one that connects to the interior of your door with two screws) and gives it the power to amplify your home security system seamlessly. Because the Wi-Fi bridge keeps your lock connected at all times, you can be on vacation in Japan, and your lock will still notify you if someone tries to pick your deadbolt lock. The Wi-Fi bridge makes your home a mini smart home and gives you the power to monitor and control your domain no matter where you are. It’s revolutionizing home security. Buy a Shepherd Lock

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