Going Away? Put This Smart Lock on Your Pre-Flight List

The call of unknown places. The thrill of exploration. The joy of disconnecting from the world and connecting with your body, mind, soul.


To all our fellow travel enthusiasts, we toast to your adventures! From roaming across the United States from coast to coast to venturing across oceans to find new countries, cultures, and cuisines, we know that every new location offers lessons, adventures, and life experiences you just can’t get from the safety of your home. And since we’re on the topic of home safety, we know that your home’s security is the last thing you want to stress about when your feet hit the sand or the ancient sidewalks.

Remote Lock/Unlock Your Home Door

We believe that travel should be worry-free. Or at least, you shouldn't have to worry about anything worse than jetlag and sunburns.


No chores. No house projects. No work. No home maintenance. And (we think) no having to constantly ask your neighbor or a friend to check on your house.


Most of us have had that moment on a plane where we jolted into a panic, worrying that we left the door unlocked. During the day, on the ground, you can call a friend or a neighbor to check on your home’s security, but who do you call in the middle of the night when you don’t want to bother anyone?


When you install a Shepherd Lock home security system, you can just open your phone and double-check that it’s locked (and lock it if it’s not).


Learn more about how Shepherd Lock works to keep your home safe.


When you have Shepherd Lock, letting a dog or house-sitter into your home safely is a piece of cake. Just give them approved access in the app, and as soon as your smart lock recognizes their approved mobile device, your door will unlock for them (and automatically lock when they leave).


And on your Uber rides across new cities, you can check your home visitor log. Did your mom stop by? Did the dog walker show up yet? And you can give access remotely. Get an unexpected package that needs to go inside? Give your neighbor temporary access. Easy as that.


Shepherd Lock is more than a home security smart lock that keeps intruders out of your home. It’s your instant connection to everything you left behind so you can get away and enjoy your vacation in peace. And when you get home, just touch your deadbolt. Shepherd Lock will recognize you with automobile-grade recognition and welcome you back to the comfort and security of your home.

 Buy your Shepherd Lock today.

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