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How Shepherd Lock Works

Shepherd Lock works with your existing deadbolt lock. Access anytime through the mobile app.

Shepherd Lock Features

Touch entry, home security, and control from mobile app.

Simple Touch Activation

No fingerprints. No codes. Just a simple touch and an authorized Bluetooth device.

Exterior Touch

When you come home, the lock will communicate with your phone to make sure you are authorized. If approved, a simple touch will unlock the door.

Interior Touch

Anyone can touch to lock/unlock from the inside. No authorization needed

Home Security

Keeping your home safe and secure 24/7.

Break-In Alerts

If an intruder attempts to break-in using physical force, an intruder alert will sound and you’ll immediately be notified via the app so you can take action and keep your home and family safe.

Freeze Your Deadbolt

If someone persists in tampering with your lock after the burglar alarm sounds, your deadbolt will automatically freeze in a locked position, preventing entry.

Connected Features on the Mobile App

Stay connected to your home wherever you are from your mobile device.

View Access History

See a complete history of who has come and gone from your home in real-time.

Share Virtual Keys

Easily share temporary virtual keys with your friends, family, or household service providers. Grant and revoke access instantly - for a long or short a period as you choose.

Remote Lock/Unlock

Lock or unlock your door remotely through the app, no matter where you are.

Door Position

Make sure your door is securely closed or if it’s visibly open from the street. Shepherd Lock can detect exactly how far open your door is - no external sensors required.

Installing Shepherd Lock

Easy Installation

No need to buy a new deadbolt. Shepherd Lock mounts to the inside of your door. Simply remove your old deadlock and replace it with your Shepherd Lock using the same two screws.

Easy to Replace Batteries

Shepherd Lock smart lock takes 4 AA batteries that last an average of 12 months. Simply remove the cover to change the batteries when needed.

(Almost) Universal Compatibility

Shepherd Lock is compatible with any single cylinder deadbolt lock.

Model comparison

  Shepherd Lock Shepherd Lock + WiFi Bridge Shepherd Lock Pro (Coming Soon)
Touch Operation
Lock Status
Door Position
Sharing Virtual Keys
Break-in Alerts
Lock Tampering Alerts
Amazon Alexa*
Google Assistant*
Remote Command
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*with WiFi Bridge