Shepherd Lock’s Key Sharing Experience Explained

For years - centuries - basically since there were houses - people have been sharing their keys. We leave our keys under mats and on top of car tires (sorry, you’re not the only person who knows this trick). There’s an entire industry based on fake rocks and knickknacks that can hide your key in inconspicuous locations. But as we enter a new era, a time when keyless entry and smart locks are more prevalent than ever, how do we share our keys with the dog sitter or the neighbor?


How Smart Lock Key Sharing Works

Imagine your physical door key as an encrypted computer code that can only be accessed on one mobile device by a predetermined user. That code is attached to the user’s phone when they download Shepherd Lock’s app and can only become active and remain active at the discretion of the homeowner. That means if I prompt my Shepherd Lock mobile app to send a virtual key (the unique encrypted computer code) to a family member and they accept the key, I can be alerted when that specific family member touches my door to enter and exit my home. They can’t share the virtual key, so any activity on the lock attached to their key is connected to them and them alone. If I decide they no longer need access to the home, I can simply log into the app and deactivate their virtual key.

Watch this video to see how quick and easy keyless entry really is.


A Smart Door Lock is Worth It

Convenience: With Shepherd Lock’s key sharing platform, no one has to worry about carrying keys around or remembering keypad pin codes. Through the use of the mobile app on a smartphone, users don’t even have to take their phones out of their pockets in order to gain access to the home. One simple touch by an authorized user via a permanent or temporary virtual key and entry is granted. *For those seeking something additional to the phone, Shepherd Lock has an optional key fob device that will also grant touch access. 

Security: Keyless entry eliminates the need for physical keys, meaning nobody can make a copy of your key to break into your home later. For families who want peace of mind and for people who rent out their homes on websites like Airbnb or Homeaway, the virtual key eliminates the problem of a lost or stolen physical key. If a phone or key fob is lost or stolen, the homeowner can log in securely on a different device and deactivate any virtual key or key fob quickly and conveniently. Plus, Shepherd Lock offers an even deeper level of home security with our Detect and Thwart technology. If anyone tries to tamper with your smart lock (for example through lock picking), the module sounds an alarm, alerts the homeowner on the app, and if lock picking persists the deadbolt will freeze into a locked position, rendering further attempts futile and giving you time to deal with the situation at hand knowing your family is protected.

Control: With Shepherd Lock, you can easily add or revoke key sharing privileges as needed. Using Shepherd Lock’s mobile app, you can send a temporary virtual key to a houseguest for set amount of days and be able to see when they come and go, and if they locked the door upon exiting. You can send a key to a housecleaning service for the duration of the time they are scheduled and be able to immediately revoke access when the appointment is over. You can remotely lock your deadbolt if your guests or family members have forgotten to do so, or remotely unlock if needed. It’s total control of your home security system in the palm of your hand. 

Through virtual key sharing, Shepherd Lock offers a safe, easy, and manageable way of monitoring everyone who comes and goes from your home. Get started with your Shepherd Lock today.

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