Level-Up Your Airbnb Rental Game

The Best Smart Lock for Airbnb

The simple, stress-free way to manage guest, housekeeper, and maintenance access - guaranteed.

Airbnb rentals are on the rise. And it’s obvious why. It’s a lucrative business that lets you make money from your existing home or (for the enterprising landlord) make a profit from additional rental properties.

But managing a rental property isn’t all roses and butterflies. It’s hard work.

One of the biggest complaints among rental owners is the logistics of managing rentals. Things like managing security and getting the keys to (and from) each renter.

Right now, every time you have a new renter, you have to give them a copy of your key. Maybe you meet them yourself or have a co-worker meet them. Maybe you leave the key in a lockbox or (please, no) under your front mat.

This process can be inconvenient, but worse than that, the renter could lose your key, forget to return it when they leave or even make a copy of the key. And let’s not get started on trying to change out pin codes on lock boxes.


The next time a guest books your home, you can remotely send them a virtual key and voila! Done.

That’s it!


They’ll have keyless entry for the duration of their visit, and as soon as their stay is over, they won’t be able to get in.

  • They can’t share the key with anyone else, so your home is secure.
  • They can’t copy the key
  • They can’t LOSE the key (so no more frantically making another key between guests)
  • You can see when they check-in
  • You can see that they locked the door at night and after checkout

AND you can easily give temporary access to housekeepers and maintenance workers without having to coordinate appointment times or worry about security.

Watch how easy it is for people to enter your home (with permission of course)!

Extra Features That Make Shepherd Lock the Best 

And while we think these things alone are reason enough to choose Shepherd Lock, we also think the security features are pretty magical.

  • 24/7 Monitoring of all your properties
  • Enhanced security that freezes the door lock when it detects tampering or a break-in attempt
  • Simple one-touch activation (no more searching for your keys in the morning)
  • Simple installation


The more rental properties you have, the easier Shepherd Lock will make your life (and your business). Control all your homes from a single app and seamlessly transition from one guest to the next.

Buy a Shepherd Lock.

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