Be Your Home’s Superhero

You know all those apps you keep downloading that you’re convinced will add value to your life?

You get excited about their potential and maybe try them for a week with good intentions, but most of the time they fail to deliver what they promise.

What if there was an app that could let you control your home from afar as the techie master of your domain?

Control Your Home’s Security & Keyless Entry With Shepherd's Mobile App


That’s Shepherd Lock - a secure smart lock app and keyless entry system that lets you truly take control of your home’s security (from work, your car, or your living room).

Whether you want to keep your family safe or just feel more connected to your home, Shepherd Lock lets you:

  • Lock or unlock your home from afar
  • See who enters your home (and when)
  • Give (or revoke) access to your home at any time

Cool, right?

 It basically makes you Batman with an ironclad fortress!

Watch this video to see how quick and easy keyless entry really is.


Keyless Entry is Safe and Convenient


But beyond giving you superhero capabilities, it’s also awesome at protecting your home and making your life convenient.


No more:

  • Accidentally locking yourself (or your spouse or kids) out of the house
  • Leaving a key under your mat for a pet sitter (and inviting thieves into your home)
  • Frantically searching for your keys in the morning (or grabbing the wrong keys on the way out)
  • Worrying that you forgot to lock the door
  • Leaving your home vulnerable to theft while on vacation

Installation is simple. Just attach Shepherd Lock to the inside of your door where your thumb turn is. No drilling. No screws. No hassle.


Protect your home with a Shepherd Lock.


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