The 5-Minute Home Security Solution

The all-time best DIY projects have three things in common: they can be completed with tools you already have on hand, they can be accomplished on the first attempt, and they offer that ‘instant gratification” of being immediately usable and effective. What once seemed like an impossible feat - mastering the art of DIY - now seems way more accessible, with brands like IKEA and HGTV leading the way and showing us that we CAN do it. And then there’s the allure of posting to Instagram and Pinterest to show off your stellar DIY skills!


DIY Home Security Solution


We’ve kept all this in mind throughout the Shepherd Lock creation and engineering process. We wanted to make sure that our home security system was simple, that anyone could install it in a 5-minute sitting, and that it would easily connect it to the mobile app so it could be up and running in a matter of minutes.


So, how exactly does Shepherd Lock smart lock measure up against other Pinterest-esque DIY projects? We promise it’s way easier than anything from IKEA!

First, everything you need to install the Shepherd Lock comes in the box. The only other things you need are the two screws from your existing deadbolt and a screwdriver.


Second, it’s super simple. All you have to do is remove your current deadbolt and use the same screws you already have to replace it with the Shepherd Lock. If you can swap out an outlet cover, you can install the Shepherd Lock home security system. (And if you’re unsure, you can check out our YouTube tutorial video with step-by-step instructions.)


Finally, download the Shepherd Lock app and connect your lock to your mobile device.


That’s it: home security system DONE!

Impressed? Watch This Video To See How Fast & Easy It Is to Install  


Turn Your Existing Deadbolt Into A Smart Lock

Now, you may be thinking, “But I like my current lock! It matches my door and house trim!” We haven’t seen your house, but we’re sure we’d like it too. And we don’t want to ruin those social media pics of your completed project. Luckily, Shepherd Lock is what’s called a “retrofit smart lock.” It installs on the inside of your door, leaving the exterior hardware exactly as it is. Once it’s installed, Shepherd Lock will provide the power to turn your deadbolt whenever an authorized user touches any part of your door’s lock (both inside and outside - convenient, right?).

Want to learn more about the Shepherd Lock home security system? Head over our How it Works page for video tutorials, tips, and recommendations.


Happy DIYing! And buy a Shepherd Lock today!

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