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When we come home from the store ready to tackle a home improvement project, we’re excited! We may have a boost of anticipation, imagining how much better our home will look or feel with the improvement, or we may be excited to prove to ourselves (or others) that we really can do it on our own.

But that initial excitement can dwindle quickly when you realize the time, effort, or money involved with your project. (If you’ve spent any amount of time on Pinterest planning holiday decorations or baking projects, you know this cycle well.)

The process of installing a home security smart lock is kind of like that. You start out excited to ditch your key set for something labeled 'smart home product' and end up frustrated by the amount of hardware involved and the fact that you have to permanently damage your door or wall to make it a reality.


How to Install Our Smart Deadbolt

Shepherd Lock is nothing like this. It’s simple to install (in fact, most people can install Shepherd Lock smart lock in a little under 5 minutes) and requires no additional hardware. Plus, you don’t have to change the exterior hardware of your door at all. Simply remove the interior thumb turn of your deadbolt lock and use the same two screws you removed to install Shepherd Smart Lock.

That’s it. One simple step to your enhanced home security and the ability to monitor and control your home’s access.

Impressed? Watch This Video To See How Fast & Easy It Is to Install 


Use Our Mobile App for Keyless Entry, Intruder Alert, and More

Upgrading your home with a touch lock and touch unlock smart lock shouldn’t give you a headache. Shepherd Lock pairs instantly with our free mobile app on your smartphone. Once Shepherd Lock is installed on your door, simply open the app and pair your smart lock. Once your smart lock mobile app is up and running, you’ll be prompted to create your permanent and temporary keys. You’ll also have access to the full array of Shepherd Lock’s mobile capabilities to level up your home security strategy. Buy a Shepherd Lock and get started today.

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