Smart Locks Aren’t Just For Your Car Anymore

What do you drive? A sporty car to zoom around town? A bigger vehicle to tote around kids and groceries? Maybe something fancy like a Benz or Porsche? Or something classic like a Ford or Toyota? Our cars become an extension of who we are - shuttling us around to work, the store, and school and collecting little souvenirs from every stop. And these vehicles have come a long way over the years. Remember when seat belts in cars resembled the belts on planes? Where you had to raise the metal buckle to release the lock? Or when all cars could only open with a key?

Front Doors with Keyless Entry. Yeah, They Exist

Nowadays, getting into a car with a key is borderline old-fashioned. Almost all of them come with an electric lock, and many have gone hands-free altogether save for your fingerprint. Automobile-grade fingerprint technology is top-of-the-line, giving your car boosted security and saving you the hassle of searching for your keys when you have arms full of groceries.


But did you know that there is a lock for your home that offers the same automobile-grade technology and security? Shepherd Lock is a home security system and smart lock that attaches securely to the inside of your door, turning the deadbolt you already have into a touch-activated lock that responds to the touch of authorized users – no fingerprints needed.


You simply approach your door (at which point Shepherd Lock will identify your mobile device or keychain FOB via a Bluetooth signal) touch the deadbolt. Once you touch the deadbolt, the door will automatically unlock. If you are leaving your home and close the door behind you, simply touch the deadbolt to securely lock the door.

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Keyless Entry Easy Installation

Shepherd Lock installs on the inside of your door, so you can keep your exterior hardware. This is not only convenient for installation, but allows you to use Shepherd even in a rental home in which you can’t change the locks. The smart lock only functions from the outside, so anyone can lock your door once they’re inside.


Finally, Shepherd Lock boosts your home’s security by allowing you to easily and securely share the virtual key. Just open the app to decide who has access at any given time.


We know you’ll love the convenience and safety of entering your home with a simple touch with the Shepherd Lock home security system. Buy now.

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