A Better Way to Check-In your Airbnb Guests.

Have you been considering turning your home into an Airbnb or VRBO rental property? Whether your rental home is shaped like a boot (we checked – there really is one shaped like a boot!) or more like a normal home (you know, the four walls and a roof variety) you stand to have a big upside to renting out your property. Some rental property owners even make 3-4 times their mortgage by renting out their homes.


But one big hurdle stands in the way: how do you safely allow people into your home?

Use a Smart Lock to let Airbnb Guests Self Check-in

There’s no shortage of horror stories out there. Form renters duplicating keys and then breaking in later, to lost keys or leaving the door unlocked after checkout. To combat the issues, some property managers use lockboxes, some ask renters to leave the key on the counter, and some even have video surveillance on the front door. The most cautious managers may even meet the renters before and after their stay to ensure the keys are back in order and the door is locked.


There are obviously a lot of problems with these methods, especially how inconvenient they are.


Can we let you in on a little secret? It doesn’t have to be that hard! You just need the right smart lock.


At Shepherd Lock, we think renting out your property should be headache-free. We designed our retrofit home security smart lock to install on the inside of your door and work with your existing deadbolt and deadbolt to secure your home and give you total remote access. Just attach Shepherd to your door in a matter of minutes, pair your smartphone to the lock, and voila, you are now able to be connected to your door at all times, from anywhere in the world.


You can share temporary virtual keys with specific time windows for controlled guest access. This makes virtual check-in and check-out a breeze. You can remotely lock the door if your guests forget to do so. And you can see when the door was accessed and by whom, all from the mobile app.


No more guests getting locked out at odd hours of the night. No more creative and sometimes unsafe ways to get your house key to your guests. No more lost keys. No more fear of duplicated keys. And no more wondering whether or not your guests have actually checked out on time.


Learn more about how Shepherd Lock works


To top it all off, the Shepherd Lock home security system will keep your home protected from lock tampering and break-in attempts. First, Shepherd Lock will sound an alarm. If that doesn’t scare off the would-be criminal, Shepherd Lock will freeze the deadbolt in place, making a break-in impossible. So you can rest easy knowing your rental property is always secure, even if you choose to live far away or spend your time traveling. Ah the perks of rental management!


Shepherd Lock gives you the convenience, connectivity, and security you need to run a successful rental business. 

Invest in a Shepherd Lock.

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