How to Safely Give Home Access to Anyone, Anytime.

In the past, it used to be a common practice for noble families to have staff to clean the home, cook the meals, watch the children, take care of the horse and carriage, and keep the fires burning in the hearth. Shows like Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey have glamorized this time. Today, life moves a lot faster. We get to enjoy all kinds of technological and mechanical advances that make these tasks much easier. It’s a lot easier to manage a household without outside help thanks to things like dishwashers, washing machines, and more.


Why We Prefer Smart Door Locks vs Traditional Keys 

If you engage in any of these or other household services, you probably have already faced the dilemma of figuring out how to lend out house keys safely and maintain your home’s security. At Shepherd Lock, we set out to solve this problem for you, so you could have the convenience of a key under the welcome mat without any of the “this sounds like a terrible idea” vibes.


When you install a Shepherd Lock smart lock on the inside of your door, you don’t have to worry about getting keys to and from household staff and other visitors. You just create a virtual key and temporarily authorize anyone to access the home remotely. If the cleaners come on Monday afternoons from 3-5 pm, then you can set their virtual keys to only grant them access during that window. If your contractor is working on the home for two weeks, then their key can automatically terminate the beginning of the third week. If you need to give emergency access to a neighbor to let your dog out, you can do that instantly.


Extra Features Makes This Smart Home Device Worth It

Access Management: You can see when each service professional accessed your home, when they left, and if they locked the door behind them. (And if they forgot, you can lock it for them.)

Easy Installation: Shepherd Lock home security system easily installs inside your door with your existing deadbolt. It pairs with the Bluetooth device in authorized users’ phones and allows them to enter with a simple touch.

Keyless Entry:  No physical keys. No fingerprints. Best of all, you can install the Shepherd Lock system in about 5 minutes. That’s a very smart lock.


You take great care to select the right household services for you and your family. Let Shepherd Lock take care of your home’s security. Buy a Shepherd Lock. 


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