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Make Your Home Safe & Stress-Free With Keyless Entry

How keyless locks can protect your family, simplify your life, and give you peace of mind

We don’t use hand-crank washers or typewriters anymore, but most of us are still using the same lock and key system our great-grandparents used.

The old system works, but so did typewriters. The truth is, locks with traditional keys have a lot of shortcomings that we’ve just come to accept as an inevitable part of homeownership.

Things like:

  • Accidentally locking yourself (or your spouse or kids) out of the house
  • Leaving a key under your mat for a pet sitter (and inviting thieves into your home)
  • Frantically searching for your keys in the morning (or grabbing the wrong keys on the way out)
  • Worrying that you forgot to lock the door
  • Leaving your home vulnerable to theft while on vacation

And if you host your home on Airbnb, you have to either create duplicate keys (dangerous), meet up with your house guests every time you have a new booking (inconvenient), or create new pin codes (time consuming).

No more.

With the Shepherd Lock, your virtual key is attached securely to your personal smart devices: phone, watch, or (for the tradition-loving folks,) a keyfob.

Simply touch the deadbolt to lock or unlock the door. 

We also think you’ll love the other ways Shepherd Lock can improve your life:

  • Remotely lock or unlock your door (handy when your kids get home early or you forget to lock the door)
  • Customize user profiles to see exactly who enters your home
  • Monitor your door and lock 24/7 with artificial intelligence
  • Instantly FREEZE your locked deadbolt when it detects tampering (NO other lock offers this level of security for your family)
  • Easily share your virtual key with guests or house/pet sitters

Installation is simple. Just attach Shepherd Lock to the inside of your door where your thumb turn is. No drilling. No screws. No hassle.

Best security lock ever! 

Live stress-free with your Shepherd Lock home entry system. Click here to learn more.