Do I Need a Smart Lock?

With the rapid shift in technology over the past few years, we’ve been able to make significant changes in our lifestyle. We no longer have to settle for the status quo. And so, we no longer need to toggle keys on heavy keychains (like our great-grandparents) just to get in and out of our homes. We can use Wi-Fi and automotive-grade touch technology to allow us into our homes with a simple touch.


Taking out your key or punching in a code every time you enter your home may not seem like a hassle, but that’s likely because you’ve never considered the alternative. If you’re not sure if a Shepherd Lock is for you, consider whether or not you fall into one of the following categories.


People Who Need a Smart Door Lock


People with busy lives: The average adult leaves the house with a big purse (or backpack, briefcase, etc.). Throw in a coffee or water bottle, jacket, and that book you’ve been meaning to return to the library, and it can be easy to leave the house with your arms full. Now, how many times have you been in this position, 3 minutes late out the door, and realized you don’t have your keys in your hand? Probably more times than you can count. With a Shepherd Lock, you can just breeze out the door and give your lock a quick touch to leave your home secure and protected. No search through your bag needed.


People who hire in-home services: Do you have a house cleaner who comes twice a month? A dog sitter who checks in on your four-legged children when you’re out of town? A babysitter or an in-home care provider? If so, you need a Shepherd Lock. Instead of giving each service provider a spare key or the family pin code for the keypad (or having someone be home for their arrival), you can just make a profile for each service provider inside your Shepherd Lock mobile portal. With our mobile app, you can see in real-time who has entered your home and who has exited using their unique virtual key. The homeowner can grant access during certain times of the day or on a repeating basis for weekly or monthly appointments. Plus, you can edit or revoke virtual keys at any time. Talk about boosted home security.


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Companies That Need a Smart Door Lock

House Rental Companies: Do you list your home on Airbnb or Vrbo? One of the biggest headaches when renting out your home is the difficulty of transferring keys from the owner to the guest or from the guest back to the owner. You obviously don’t want to give them the only set, so you inevitably end up making copies. So you have to trust that your guest won’t duplicate or lose the keys. Shepherd Lock provides an easier, safer way to share keys and allows you to give access to each person only when he or she is scheduled to visit your property. No confusing lockboxes and no frantic trips to the hardware store at 11 pm to make a new key before tomorrow’s guests arrive. In short, Shepherd Lock can help keep your home secure no matter how many guests you rent to.


Companies with frequently-accessed buildings or warehouses: Warehouse, delivery companies, professional offices, and community centers often have people coming and going at all hours. Currently, the most common options for controlling access includes physical keys, a smart badge, or an unlocked door monitored by a security camera. These methods made sense when they were the only viable choices, but the thought of giving keys to 10+ people is quite dangerous and can leave you open to a lot of liability. Shepherd Lock offers heightened security as well as the ability to see in real-time who’s accessing your location.


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