Home Security Without the Headache

Do you know how long it takes a moderately skilled thief to break into your home?


5 minutes.


How can you protect your home when traditional deadbolt locks are so vulnerable?


You can add a camera so you can watch your home get broken into. But it won’t help much in the moment.

No maintenance. No monthly fees. One-Step Installation


Or you can opt for a true security system with all the bells and whistles, but these systems are often: 

  • Expensive - with monthly monitoring fees and an initial setup fee
  • Difficult to install unless you want to pay extra for an expert to help
  • Complicated (especially for kids or those not tech-savvy)


Plus, they can be hard to maintain and can trigger false alarms.

We wanted to create a better lock - something that could give you the BEST security and peace of mind, easy remote access, and seamless installation. Introducing Shepherd Lock - a smart lock keyless entry system that gives your family unparalleled security.


While other systems will trigger an alarm, Shepherd Lock will instantly FREEZE when it detects lock picking. An alarm will sound from the device, and you will be notified instantly. You can keep the lock frozen in the locked position or reinstate the lock to its normal functioning.


All of this without monthly fees or expensive security add ons. Sleep soundly knowing the bad guys can’t get in.


Shepherd Keyless Lock is: 

  • 100% DIY
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Maintenance-free


Life is complicated enough - your home security should be simple.

Shepherd Lock is touch-enabled, so once its paired with your smart device (or key fob), you can touch the deadbolt or interior module and the door will lock or unlock.


Worried about installation? Watch this video to see how quick and easy you can install Shepherd Lock.


You can also:

  • Remotely lock or unlock your door (handy when your kids get home early or you forget to lock the door)
  • Customize user profiles to see exactly who enters your home
  • Monitor your door and lock 24/7 with artificial intelligence
  • Easily share temporary virtual keys with guests or house/pet sitters


Installation is simple. Just attach Shepherd Lock to the inside of your door where your thumbturn is. No drilling. No screws. No hassle.


Are you ready to join the thousands who’ve already reclaimed their safety? Switch to the best keyless entry home security smart lock product on the market.


Learn more about the Shepherd Lock home security system today.


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