Shepherd Lock: Keeping Your Kids Safe & Your Home Secure

To all the parents out there, we applaud you!


It’s no small feat to juggle a modern family, with sports, social activities, school, and finding quality time, to say nothing of things like work, household maintenance, pets, and every other task you manage throughout the day. We know it’s an enormous amount of work, and we want you to know you’re doing a good job.

Self-Monitor Your Home Security

We know that one of the hardest parts of being a parent is the constant fear. Fear that you’re making the wrong choices. Fear that your child could be in danger. Fear that you won’t always be there to protect them.


It’s why you do the security checks every night -  locking the doors and windows, closing the blinds, setting the alarm, making sure the garage is closed and the stove is off. We know because we do it too.


We can’t take away the fear of parenting - it’s part of the job. But we CAN give you one less thing to worry about with the Shepherd Lock home security system.


When you install Shepherd Lock smart lock on your front door (or any deadbolt lock door), you can permanently stop worrying about whether or not you locked the door by simply checking your phone. You can also virtually lock or unlock the door from your phone, so no more kids getting locked out or middle-of-the-night panic-induced door checks.


We realize that you may already have a home security system installed – kudos to you for being prepared!


Shepherd Lock Pro (coming soon) works with your existing home security system to boost your home’s safety. It can connect to your smart-home system and coordinate safety efforts with your existing software.

Learn more about Shepherd Lock’s revolutionary security features.

Shepherd Lock Acts Like a Wireless Burglar Alarm

Best of all? Shepherd Lock detects and thwarts break-in attempts in a way other home security systems cannot. When someone tries to tamper with your lock, Shepherd Lock detects the threat instantly and goes to work to protect your family. First, the smart lock sounds an alarm, letting the intruder know they’ve been detected and alerting you to the threat. If the intruder continues picking the lock, Shepherd will freeze your deadbolt in place, making it impossible for the would-be criminal to get into your home.


You’re doing all you can for your family’s happiness and security. Shepherd Lock can help with the latter so you can focus on the former.


Buy a Shepherd Lock for your home. 

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