Want Home Security without a contract? We've got you covered.

Many homeowners and property managers go to great lengths to secure their property, from installing expensive home security systems to elaborate alarms, cameras, and more. Simply put, a secure home is a happy home.

We take your home security seriously, which is why we let you monitor and control the comings and goings of your home directly from the Shepherd smart lock mobile app. Here are some of the ways you can monitor your kingdom from afar.


The Best Self-Monitored Home Security System Features

Door Lock Status Reports: Worried you left the door unlocked when you left for work in the morning? Want to make sure your kids are safe when they’re home alone? Simply open your Shepherd Lock mobile app to see if your door is closed and the deadbolt is locked. Shepherd Smart Lock an elegant solution to an age-old problem.

Remote Unlock: If you see on the mobile app that the deadbolt lock is unlocked, you can remotely lock it from anywhere using the ShepLink WiFi Bridge. If your teenager is locked out or your neighbor has to pop over quickly, you can remotely unlock your door.

Access History: Want to find out if your pet sitter arrived on time at your home or find out how long the house cleaning company stayed? You can see who has come and gone, when, and if they locked the door behind them on Shepherd Lock's mobile app. This allows you to watch in real-time who’s coming and going from your home. Now that’s a smart lock.

Monitor Your Battery: Your home security system doesn’t mean much if the batteries are dead, or your power goes out. With Shepherd Lock, you will always know the exact amount of battery life you have left. Shepherd notifies you when the batteries are getting low, and keeps notifying you until they are changed. Helping you stay safe, always. Of course, if you don't ever change the batteries you manual house key still works so you can get in that way anytime. 

Shareable Keys: Perhaps the most convenient feature with Shepherd Smart Lock is virtual key sharing made easy. Shareable virtual keys allow you to temporarily, repeatedly, or permanently grant access to anyone you choose. This is especially handy for people who rent their homes on sites like Airbnb or Vrbo, or those who utilize in-home service providers on a regular basis. Simply use the app to decide who gets access to your home and when.

With Shepherd Lock’s mobile app and ShepLink WiFi Bridge, you’ll be able to monitor your home’s security from afar and have complete control and peace of mind over your family’s safety.

Secure Your Home Now.

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