You Can "Pick" Most Electronic Locks. Instead Choose the Safest Option

Have you ever watched the LockPickingLawyer on YouTube?

He picks every type of lock imaginable. He makes most electronic locks looks like children’s toys, not devices meant to protect your loved ones and valuables.

What makes these electronic locks so vulnerable? Read on.

Can You Really Pick an Electronic Lock? Yes, Here’s Why

Poor Construction

This one is obvious. If the lock has not been created with a tamper-proof design, then all a potential criminal needs to do is pry the lock apart to enter your home. This can take only seconds! A lot of other locks have a cover plate that can be taken off with a standard screw driver.


Yes, magnets will open a surprising amount of electronic locks on the market. It’s surprising how easy these locks can be to unlock.  

Despite the Flashy Features, the Lock Portion is Vulnerable to Lock Picking

There are a lot of measures that companies can take to make their locks 'pick resistant'. Some electronic lock manufacturers add these security measures, but a lot don’t.

Either way, a lock-picker with experience will be able to get past these security measures. Read below to see what Shepherd Lock has done to go one step further to protect you against potential experienced larcenists.

What about cyber-security? Learn more about smart home safety.


Pick-Resistant Features on Shepherd’s Electronic Lock

In order to pick your lock, even an experienced criminal will need a certain amount of time to do so. Shepherd Lock’s AI-enhanced tamper detection will sense that they are trying to tamper with your lock and sound an alarm. Most criminals will run away at this alarm because they have suddenly run out of time to pick the lock undetected.

However, even if they continue to try to pick the lock, Shepherd Lock's motors will instantly freeze the lock in place in the locked position so that there is no way they can unlock your door.

Note: Shepherd Lock is on the inside where criminals can’t see it. They won’t even know what is inside protecting your home!

Buy Shepherd Lock, the Safest Option

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