What is Home Automation? Must Have, Exciting Technology

What do you imagine when you hear, “home automation”? You might picture a robot butler, your breakfast being cooked by a Rube Goldberg Machine, or maybe even a specific futuristic cartoon or movie.

Don’t worry, we’ll get there one day.

What Is Home Automation Technology?

For now, home automation refers to the ability to set various electronics and appliances in your home to do things based on certain triggers. These triggers could be a time of day, the temperature outside, motion activation, set schedules, voice commands, you name it.

The basic implications of how you can use this technology is obvious. You could set your smart lights to turn on in the morning and off at night. You could set your smart thermostat to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

But did you know that you can automate your smart door lock too?

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Shepherd Lock is a Must-Have Home Automation Technology

That’s right! 

Let’s run through a few scenarios where you can use home automation on your smart lock to make your life easier.

Household Help

Your cleaning service comes every Friday at 12pm. 

Option 1 is that you give them a key which really gives them access to your home whenever they want. Or if they lose the key, it gives whoever finds it access to your home whenever they want.

Option 2 is that you use Shepherd Lock to give your cleaning service access, but only on Fridays at 12pm when they are supposed to be entering your home. Shepherd Lock empowers you to control your home security. Just schedule when home workers have access to your home. Much safer!

You Have Kids

Your child gets home from school and needs to get into the house. Through the Shepherd Lock app, you can schedule their phone to be able to unlock the door at the time they get home every day. 

There’s no need to give them a key that they might lose! Plus, you can see on the mobile app if they locked the door behind them and lock it remotely once you are sure they are safely inside.

When You’re Away From Home

You ask someone to check in on your pets and plants while you’re on a work trip or vacation. But you don’t want to give them a key that will let them into your home forever and ever! 

Shepherd Lock makes it easy to give them access only for the duration of your trip. Schedule their access to be revoked the moment you get home and you’re all set.

Home automation makes your life easier and saves you time. Why resist the call of the future?

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