Airbnb Automation: More Than Just Self Check-in Locks

Starting an Airbnb home rental business sounds like it should be easy cash flow with barely any effort. But in reality, you have to either do everything yourself or hire helpers. Then there’s consideration that needs to be put into how you’ll check in your guests and monitor the home’s safety.

A lot of these things can be securely automated without any need for you to spend your valuable time doing them. How?

You know of Self Check-in, but what else can you automate on your Airbnb?

So, we all know that allowing your guests to self check-in is a pivotal way for Airbnb owners to save time.

But there are other ways you can automate the day-to-day tasks involved in running your Airbnb property. These include:

  • Hire a cleaner to clean between bookings.
  • Use a bot to automate guest communication.
  • Use on-site devices to remotely monitor the property.

Read on to learn how Shepherd smart lock is an important part of your home automation repertoire.

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The Best Airbnb Self Check-in Lock

No, a smart lock won’t talk to your guests for you. But it can make it easier for you to let your house cleaner and repair-person in.

Using the Shepherd Lock app, you are able to share access to your property with anyone, including guests. Easily schedule guest access for the duration of their booking and revoke it the moment their time is up.

Then, you can grant your cleaner or repair-person access (temporary, one-time, scheduled, or repeating) so they can maintain the property on your behalf. All without having to give them a house key that they could lose or use to enter when they shouldn’t.

You can be sure that the cleaner is arriving and leaving when they should by checking the access history in the Shepherd Lock App.

Invest in a Shepherd Lock.

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