What is a Bluetooth Lock?

You've heard of Bluetooth for your phone, speakers, and other devices. But did you know that there are Bluetooth smart locks out there? It's true. Read below to find out how Bluetooth locks boost convenience and home security.

Bluetooth Locks - Convenience Features

Keyless Entry

Bluetooth technology is used to detect if the key fob, phone, or smart watch are outside the door. It also validates if the person is an authorized user with an active virtual key. Bluetooth makes sure only the authorized person can open the door and not anyone else. 


App for Keyless Entry

Shepherd Lock's mobile app provides features that allow for your home to be safe and secure. Your deadbolt lock can be locked and unlocked from Sheherd's app on your phone. This allows for keyless entry into your house for only the people you grant access to. 


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Bluetooth Locks - Security Features

Alarm with Keyless Entry

Shepherd Lock detects lock tampering events (including lock picking and forced entry). If a tampering event persists, Shepherd Lock will alert you. You can check the status of your door - open or closed - at any time through the app. Make sure you never leave your door ajar on accident through the Shepherd Lock app!  


Smart Door Lock and Deadbolt

A  typical deadbolt lock can pose a number of issues. You could lose your physical keys, the lock can be easily picked, and you have no way to remotely check if your door is locked. Shepherd Lock installs using the existing screws from your deadbolt. Smart door locks provide security benefits that traditional deadbolt locks can not offer.


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