DIY Smart Home Alarm System

The do-it-yourself scene is stronger than ever. DIY projects are motivating, seem easy, and improve your life. But when it comes to DIYing home security, isn't that a little intimidating?

It doesn't have to be.

Grab your screwdriver and Shepherd Lock, and you're already half-way done!

Do It Yourself Smart Home Security System

Smart Home and Security

Smart homes have security benefits that are hard to overlook. Shepherd Lock gives you an alert when there is a tampering attempt and freezes your deadbolt in a locked position. The app allows you to check if your door is closed and locked. With how easy it is to DIY, it is no wonder that smart locks are the way to go with keeping your home secure. 


Smart Home without a subscription

Shepherd Lock is a DIY solution that is easy to install - about five minutes. Other home security systems are expensive, have extensive installation procedures, and charge monthly fees. This lock requires no maintenance and no monitoring fees after purchase.  


Best self-monitored home security system

Have you ever gone to work and suddenly panic thinking “Did I lock my door?” Shepherd Lock will provide the answer. With the app, you can check the status of your door at any time (open or closed). Shepherd's mobile app allows you to remotely lock your door no matter where you are


Even if you did forget, there is no need to worry with Shepherd Lock! Simply lock the door from work and continue with your day knowing Shepherd Lock has you covered.


Invest in a Shepherd Lock.

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