How to Equip Your Doors with Secure Keyless Entry

Finally, you can throw your house key into a drawer and forget about it while not compromising on home security.


How? Equip your door with the most secure keyless entry smart lock around: Shepherd Lock. Read on.


Instantly Transform Your Doors – with Keyless Entry

You don’t have to buy an expensive “smart lock set” to have a door with keyless entry. Shepherd Lock retrofits your door’s existing deadbolt to instantly transform it into a smart lock.


Equipped with this smart lock, your deadbolt doesn’t need a mechanical key to unlock anymore! Unlock it with a simple touch.


Shepherd Lock communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth to verify that you have permission to enter. Then it waits for your signal – a simple touch – to unlock.


Don’t get fingerprint or keypad locks confused with true keyless entry. These methods aren’t always the most convenient.


And they aren’t necessarily the most secure.


It’s convenient, easy, and painless to install. Learn more.


How Secure Are Doors with Keyless Entry?

Not all keyless entry smart locks are built with extra security measures. Trust us, at Shepherd Lock your security is our first priority.


Shepherd Lock’s security features:

  • Detects tampering events and sounds an alarm
  • Notifies you of unusual or unauthorized activity via your smart phone mobile app immediately
  • Can auto-freeze your deadbolt locked to stop intruders 


No other smart lock enables keyless entry and makes increasing your security its highest priority.

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