Realtors: Looking for a better way to access properties? Check out this Lockbox Alternative

Lockboxes have been the real estate agent go-to product for accessing properties for a long time. But is this default product really the most convenient, easy, or even safest option? Read below to see why we don’t think it is!

Why You Need a Lockbox Alternative


The process of installing a lockbox is tedious. You must get a key from your seller, drive to the property, place the key in the lockbox, and then come up with a code that you’ll be able to remember. This can take up a lot of your valuable time across several properties, not to mention that it’s rife with opportunities for human error.



You’re a real estate agent, but you’re a person too. There are only so many codes that you’ll be able to remember. That means that over the years, you’re bound to reuse codes. You don’t want a bad actor being able to get into any property you’re the list agent for just because they were given your code one time.

Another security issue with codes is that once someone gets it, they can come back at any time to gain access. If they have bad intentions, the code system is very easy to take advantage of. 

Not to mention how most electronic locks, including keypads, are easy to break into!



Because you have no way of tracking who accesses your lockbox, anyone could potentially take the key to be copied. Or perhaps, an agent who shows the house might accidentally take the key with them as they leave. And there’s always the possibility that during a showing, the key falls out of someone’s hand, never to be seen again. 

The fundamental flaw with sharing keys is that they are physical and therefore insecure.

Shepherd Lock installs in under 5 minutes! Watch this video to see Shepherd Lock’s quick and easy install process.


Shepherd Lock is the Best Lockbox Alternative

Are Smart Lockboxes the Best Solution?

No! With a smart lockbox, there’s still the insecurity that always accompanies a physical key. The only issue the smart version solves is that of using codes. With a smart lockbox, the user must grab their phone out of their bag or pocket and then use an app to tell the lockbox to open. Usually there is a second step of verification. This is time consuming and inefficient.


Shepherd Lock is the Best Solution

The Shepherd Lock solves all the above issues and more. 

It eliminates the need for a physical key as authorized users gain access when the lock communicates with their phone. No one needs to generate or remember any codes. Users can be given scheduled access during only their appointment time after which their access is revoked. And the best part is, it saves you, the listing agent, time because you can share access instantly from your phone.

Shepherd Lock also has a built-in security alert that sounds when lock tampering is detected. The lock will send a notification via Shepherd's smartphone app to alert you of the intruder attempt. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and doesn’t disrupt the current door hardware at all. It can be used with any model of door handle and is on the inside so it will not stick out into the outer door or let it be known that the home is for sale.

The Shepherd Lock truly is the most secure and efficient lockbox alternative.

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