Make Your Door Smart Like Magic - New Smart Home Device

Let’s be honest, you want to impress your friends (and play around) with the cool newest smart home gadgets. But some smart home devices are expensive and may not offer easy, practical use.


Shepherd Lock is a new, revolutionary keyless entry smart lock that transforms your existing single cylinder deadbolt lock into a smart lock, and makes your life easier and more secure.


Control Your Smart Door Lock with the Shepherd Lock App

Shepherd Lock's mobile app offers you ultimate control in the palm of your hand. Painlessly use all the features listed below and even more security and convenience features.


Control your new smart door with your Apple or Android and impress your friends!


Learn more about the powerful Shepherd Lock app.


Transform Your Door into a Smart Door with Shepherd Lock

After a quick and easy 5-minute install, Shepherd Lock instantly offers a variety of smart features that boost convenience, security, and connectivity.


  • Virtual keys - Share virtual keys with friends, loved ones, household help.
  • Scheduled Access - Schedule how long they have permission to use the keys.
  • Access History - View when they’ve entered and exited your home.
  • Lock/Door Status – Know if your door is open. Ensure it’s locked.
  • Remote lock/unlock – Lock or unlock the door from anywhere.


We know, it’s impressive!

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