Offer Easy Self Check-in & More - Smart Lock for Airbnb Hosting

Owning and operating an Airbnb rental side-gig is a lot to manage all by yourself.


You have other things to do than be there at the exact time a guest wants to check-in, let alone do all the cleaning, maintenance, and security monitoring.


Shepherd Lock is your smart lock solution to enable you to take your Airbnb business to the next level.


Level-up Your Airbnb Business with a Smart Lock

Save your valuable time and effort by offering safe, remote, self check-in. With Shepherd Lock, it’s easy.


  1. Create a temporary virtual key for your guests. Shepherd Lock will know each guest is authorized by communicating with guest's smartphones via Bluetooth. Guests cannot share key with anyone else.
  2. Schedule guest authorization to begin at the time they check in.
  3. Schedule their virtual key to revoke access at the time of check-out.
  4. Monitor access history to see exact times of lock activation by each authorized user. 


That’s how simple and easy self check-in and check-out can be with Shepherd Lock.


It’s convenient, easy, and painless to install. Learn more.


Revolutionary Airbnb Smart Lock Features To Boost Your Business

Shepherd Lock offers additional features with Airbnb hosts in mind.


  • Virtual Keys for Workers – allow your cleaning service and maintenance workers to enter when they need to.
  • Schedule Access for Workers – set a specific schedule for when they can access the property (e.g. 11:00 am after the guests check out).
  • Access History for Workers – make sure that your workers are showing up and completing their tasks in a timely way. If they forget to lock the door behind them on their way out, you can easily lock the door remotely from your mobile app.


Invest in taking your Airbnb side-hustle to the next level!

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