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TOUCH ENTRY, SECURITY MONITORING, CONNECTED FEATURES Shepherd Lock has won the prestigious CES 2021 Innovation Award in Smart Home category for the second year in a row.
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Shepherd Lock TeamOct 09, 2020

This Security Systems Shines When the Power is Out

Power outages happen sometimes, and we don’t really get a warning in order to prepare. You have a...
Shepherd Lock TeamOct 09, 2020

What is Home Automation? Must Have, Exciting Technology

What do you imagine when you hear, “home automation”? You might picture a robot butler, your breakfast being cooked by...
Shepherd Lock TeamOct 09, 2020

You Can "Pick" Most Electronic Locks. Instead Choose the Safest Option

Have you ever watched the LockPickingLawyer on YouTube? He picks every type of lock imaginable. He makes most electronic...
Shepherd Lock TeamOct 09, 2020

Get Keyless Entry and More with the Shepherd Lock App

Keyless entry isn’t just for your car anymore! Thanks to innovations in the smart lock industry, keyless entry is available...
Shepherd Lock TeamOct 09, 2020

Smart Home Device Security Tips and Tricks

The dream of creating a completely smart home is coming closer to reality every day. The benefit of smart technology...
Shepherd Lock TeamJun 16, 2020

Our 7 Favorite Smart Lock Features

Shepherd Lock's ability to boost your home’s security and help you seamlessly manage access to your home are two fundamental...
Shepherd Lock TeamMay 28, 2020

How to choose a smart door lock with the right technology.

Remember when the first facial recognition iPhone came out, or when Tesla unveiled its latest model? We’re always watching the...
Shepherd Lock TeamMay 28, 2020

How to Safely Give Home Access to Anyone, Anytime.

In the past, it used to be a common practice for noble families to have staff to clean the home,...
Shepherd Lock TeamMay 28, 2020

A Better Way to Check-In your Airbnb Guests.

Have you been considering turning your home into an Airbnb or VRBO rental property? Whether your rental home is shaped...
Shepherd Lock TeamMay 28, 2020

Smart Locks Aren’t Just For Your Car Anymore

What do you drive? A sporty car to zoom around town? A bigger vehicle to tote around kids and groceries?...
Shepherd Lock TeamMay 28, 2020

Going Away? Put This Smart Lock on Your Pre-Flight List

The call of unknown places. The thrill of exploration. The joy of disconnecting from the world and connecting with your...
Shepherd Lock TeamMay 28, 2020

Shepherd Lock: Keeping Your Kids Safe & Your Home Secure

To all the parents out there, we applaud you!   It’s no small feat to juggle a modern family, with...