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Frequently Asked Questions

Get help from frequently asked questions. If you are not finding your required answer, you can ask a new question here

Does Shepherd work with any lock/door?

Shepherd Lock and Shepherd Lock Pro are compatible with standard single cylinder deadbolt locks.

Shepherd Lock is compatible with all standard entry doors. However, the exterior touch feature is currently NOT supported on metal doors. This feature is supported on all other door types.

What tools do I need to install Shepherd Lock?

All you need is a screwdriver. Simply remove the existing thumb-turn on the inside of your door, use the same screws from the thumb-turn to install the mounting bracket to your door and put Shepherd Lock on the mounting bracket.

What kind of batteries do I need?

Shepherd Lock and Shepherd Lock Pro operate on 4 AA batteries. You will be notified when your batteries start to run low and you can customize how often you are alerted on battery life using our mobile app.

Will my original keys still work?

Your original metal keys still work with your deadbolt.

Why do I need a Wi-Fi Bridge?

ShepLink’s Wi-Fi Bridge allows you to remotely access your Shepherd Lock and utilize remote monitoring, remote lock/unlock, and receive alerts regarding the status of your lock. The touch lock/unlock using Bluetooth still works without the ShepLink Wi-Fi bridge.

How do I get the Shepherd Mobile App to pair with my Shepherd Lock?

Once you install your Shepherd Lock or Shepherd Lock Pro, download the free Shepherd App. Create your account for free and go through the steps to allow your lock to pair with the Shepherd App.

What phones work with Shepherd Mobile App?

Shepherd Lock and Shepherd Lock Pro are iPhone and Samsung compatible.

Can I share electronic keys virtually?

Virtual key sharing is easy and safe using Shepherd Lock’s mobile app. Share unlimited virtual temporary keys as well as permanent keys with friends, family, or AirBnB guests

Do I need a key fob?

You do not need a key fob if you are sharing and using virtual keys on your smart phone. The key fob is for people who do not want to use or solely use smart phone mobile app connectivity. The key fob activates the touch features of your lock the same way the mobile app does.

Does the app get updated automatically?

Mobile app firmware updates are sent to your phone automatically.

How much of my information do my AirBnB guests see on their app?

As the primary homeowner your personal information and general lock activity is not shared along with temporary keys you grant to others. Those who receive an invitation to activate a temporary key through Shepherd Lock’s mobile app will only be able to see their own access history. As the owner you will see full access history for each of your Shepherd Locks.

Can I factory reset Shepherd Lock?

You can factory reset your lock. If you move and leave your Shepherd behind, the new owner can set up Shepherd Lock on their app, under their account. They will see nothing of the lock’s information or activity that took place under anyone else’s ownership.

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