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Shepherd Lock Features

Touch entry, home security, and control from mobile app

Operate your lock with a touch

No need for manual key entry or pin codes with Shepherd’s touch technology.

Exterior Touch

When you come home, just touch the deadbolt and the lock will communicate with your phone to make sure you are authorized and the door will unlock for you.

Interior Touch

When you are inside your home you can touch the Shepherd Lock module and the deadbolt will lock. Anyone can touch to lock/unlock from the inside.


Always know your door is secure with lock picking and break in alerts.

Break In Alerts

If an intruder exerts physical force on your door, Shepherd Lock will sound an alarm and the homeowner will be notified.

Lock Picking Alerts

If a burglar attempts to pick your lock, an alarm will sound from Shepherd Lock, you will be notified through the mobile app, and, if lock picking persists, the deadbolt will freeze itself in a locked position, preventing entry to the intruder.

Connected Features on the Mobile App

Stay connected to the activity of your door and remotely control your lock.

View Access History

See who has accessed your Shepherd Lock, when they arrived, when they departed.

Share Virtual Keys

Easily share temporary virtual keys with your friends, family, or household services. Grant and revoke access instantly, and schedule time windows for one time or repeating access.

Remote Lock/Unlock

Lock or unlock your door remotely through the app, no matter where you are.

Door Position

Make sure your door is securely closed and, if it’s not, know if it’s visibly open to those walking by. Shepherd can tell you how far open your door is - no external sensors required

Installing Shepherd Lock

Easy Install

Shepherd Lock mounts conveniently to the inside of your door with no damage to your door or frame, and no need to buy a new deadbolt. Shepherd works with your existing deadbolt, turning it into a touch-activated device.

Changing the Batteries

Shepherd Lock is designed to make changing the batteries simple and convenient. Simply remove the cover, change batteries, and replace the cover. It takes 4xAA batteries that will last you 12 months on average.


Shepherd Lock is designed to retrofit single cylinder deadbolt locks. Supported brands include (…)

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Touch Operation
Lock Status
Door Position
Sharing Virtual Keys
Break-in Alerts
Lock Tampering Alerts
Amazon Alexa*
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Remote Command
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*with WiFi Bridge